Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prospect statistics - October

This edition of the Oilers prospect statistics feature a couple of 2010 draftees toiling in the WHL who are looking at break-out seasons, some tough times developing in the AHL, and an impressive month from a man trying desperately to get his career back on track.

Note: Glove tap to SumOil, a frequent contributor to C&B and fellow prospect junkie who has been working in tandem with me to provide coverage of our rookies. Credit to him for the idea to include the ZPG, or Zero Point Game statistic to identify streaky scorers.

Also, where available (the CHL, Euro and USHL) I’ll include the year to date totals in parentheses.

Cameron Abney (Edmonton, WHL)

12(15)GP 3-1-4 (3-1-4) +1(-2) 37(37) PIM 10 ZPG

A better month for the big man. He’s putting up some offense and starting to get his flippers off. Hoping for more of the same in November. His ZPGs are troubling (he scored 3 points in one game, one in another), and I’d like to see more offensive consistency.

Phil Cornet (Oklahoma, AHL)

10GP 0-2-2 -1 0PIM 10SH 8ZPG

He’s adjusting. There’s no indication he’s playing on a feature line, and was HS’d twice. He’s not getting blown out of the water but he’s also not pushing anyone for more ice-time.

Drew Czerwonka (Kootenay, WHL)

13(15) GP 5-4-9 (5-4-9) E (-2) 9(13) PIM 7 ZPG

The first of our surprises in October is Drew (Willywonka) Czwerwonka. He’s had a fantastic start offensively and unlike the other “goon” in our WHL stable, he’s performing with some consistency. He scored in just under half his October contests (7 of 13 ZPG) and has been a key component to the Ice offense. More please.

Robby Dee (Maine, NCAA)

8 GP 5-6-11 +3 2PIM 59.3 FO% 2 ZPG

Robby Dee is the book-end to the Oilers 2005 NHL draft, and he’s playing for a contract this year as he’s in his Senior year with the Black Bears. He’s doing everything right to earn said contract. Offense, check. Can win faceoffs, check. 6’2”, check-mate. It should be expected that he’s dominating NCAA-level competition at his age (he’s 23), but it seems he’s finally putting his injury troubles behind him. And good for him.

Jordan Eberle (Edmonton, NHL)

9GP 4-4-8 +2 2PIM 19SH 3ZPG
168:51TOI (124.30EV 24.15PP 20.06SH)

I’m forgetting that Eberle is a rookie at the NHL. He’s calm, he’s got poise, and he’s got balls. One of my favourite comments I’ve heard of Eberle goes something like this: The kid drinks boiling water and pisses ice cubes. Describes him perfectly. Keep it coming kid.

Taylor Hall (Edmonton, NHL)

9GP 2-3-5 -4 4PIM 19SH 6ZPG
149:26 TOI (127.12EV 21.18PP 0.56SH)

Hall is about where I expected him to be at this point in the year. He had a rough first few games on the scoreboard but showed he’s got all the talent to stick in the league this year. The points are starting to come around (4 points his last two games in October, he might be a tad streaky in getting his points), and his effort level can’t be questioned. A solid, if unspectacular first month.

Curtis Hamilton (Saskatoon, WHL)

13(15) GP 8-9-17 (8-11-19) +15(+13) 4(6)PIM 4 ZPG

Wow. There’s an impressive stat line. Hamilton is doing everything, and with amazing consistency. What’s better is that he’s staying in the line-up (injuries are a concern here). Dare we hope this to continue?

Teemu Hartikainen (Oklahoma, AHL)

12GP 4-1-5 -8 7PIM 25SH 8 ZPG

Harski’s showing he can put the puck in the net with consistency. Unfortunately he also can’t stop opponents from doing it. It’s a hell of an adjustment to the AHL, and Hartikainen (among others to come) is proof of that.

Kellen Jones (Quinnipiac, NCAA)

7GP 3-4-7 E 19PIM 18SH 2 ZPG

Jones, along with his brother Connor, is pacing the Quinnipiac offense this season. If he weren’t already 20 years old and about 5’10”, this would be better news. He’s certainly someone to follow for the next half-decade though.

Milan Kytnar (Oklahoma, AHL)

11GP 1-2-3 -2 2PIM 9SH 8 ZPG

Kytnar is a unique player on the baby Oilers in that he’s keeping his head above water and he’s a rookie. We’ve been led to believe that any offense at the professional level from Kytnar should be considered a bonus, so his 3 points are a welcome surprise. One HS in the early going.

Anton Lander (Timra, SEL)

11(16) GP 4-0-4 (4-3-7) E(+1) 8(14)PIM 18(26)SH 203:06(292:09)TOI 7 ZPG

I’m happy with Lander’s stats to this point in the season. He’s maintained his position on the Eagles (3C) and has stepped up into more feature roles when he’s been needed (two games late in the month playing on the top-2 lines). LT’s been following his faceoffs which are hovering around 48% against men. He’s been consistent thus-far, now he’s got to keep this pace.

Ryan Martindale (Ottawa, OHL)

13(15) GP 9-9-18 (9-11-20) +10(+10) 8(10)PIM 4 ZPG

Martindale, to this point in the season, is a model of consistency. He’s putting up points game in and game out, and I haven’t heard anything of his “inconsistent” or “lazy” play. He’s playing with good players, so maybe he’s motivated to perform. I want to see a stat line similar to this come the end of November, and I’ll start thinking of him more as a prospect and less a suspect.

Linus Omark (Oklahoma, AHL)

12GP 4-5-9 +1 22PIM 26SH 5 ZPG

Omark’s had a great start to the year in the minors, but given his exploits in mens leagues across the pond, should we be surprised? He’s doing most of his damage at EV (6 of 9 points) and his +1 are indicators to me that he’s got a future in the big league. Another month like this and he may force management’s hand and earn a call-up.

Magnus Paajarvi (Edmonton, NHL)

9GP 2-4-6 +4 6PIM 24SH 6 ZPG
134:03 TOI (120.47EV 12:50PP 0.23 SH)

Magnus Paajarvi has yet to have a game in the NHL where he’s scored a single point. I don’t know if that’s big news, but his streakiness might become somewhat of a concern when assessing his counting numbers at season’s end. I wish I could accurately track penalties-drawn as a stat, because he’d be lapping the field at this point. A good month for a 19-year old in the toughest league on the planet.

Tyler Pitlick (Medicine Hat, WHL)

8(9) GP 3-7-10 (3-7-10) E(-1) 2PIM 2 ZPG

Consistency is again a positive aspect of Pitlick’s game. Once he finally got adjusted to life in the Dub he looks to be coming on strong. A three-game suspension kept him out of MH’s last three games this month, and one hopes Pitlick comes back with that chip still on his shoulder.

Kristians Pelss (Edmonton, WHL)

11(14) GP 1-1-2 (1-1-2) +1(-1) 4(8)PIM 9 ZPG

He’s scored his first WHL goal, so he’s met my expectations. Everything else at this point is all gravy. HS’d once, I don’t think he’s seeing feature minutes, nor is he likely pushing for them.

Toni Rajala (Ilves, SM-Liiga)

9(13) GP 2-2-4 (3-4-7) -5(-6) 0PIM 34(53)SH 7 ZPG 137:39(193:58)TOI

Rajala’s coming back from injury this month (missed the first two games this month, the last three of September), and one thinks he isn’t 100%. He’s getting torched in the defensive zone though, which is a concern as he was doing very well in this aspect last year in Brandon. Impressive shot totals though. I’d like more consistency (his four points came in only two games) and better contribution in the defensive zone.

Chris VandeVelde (Oklahoma, AHL)

11GP 1-1-2 -8 6PIM 9SH 10 ZPG

Here’s another rookie struggling to master proper defence in the professional ranks. He’s getting bent-over and keeps going back for more. Hope he can turn this around right quick, because we need him (well, his player type) at the NHL level. There’s a spot on the NHL team waiting for him if he can get his two-way game sorted out.

Jeremie Blain (Acadie, QMJHL)

0(2) GP 0-0-0 (0-1-1)

He’s injured. I’m not exactly sure what, but he didn’t play a shift in October and for a developing kid that’s a major concern. I’ll try and update his status as soon as I learn to speak French (don’t count on this).

Kyle Bigos (Merrimack, NCAA)

5GP 0-2-2 +3 16PIM 9SH 3 ZPG

A good month for the big bruising defenseman. He’s doing what’s needed and his team’s winning as a result. Everything’s about where I expected it to be here.

Taylor Chorney (Oklahoma, AHL)

12GP 0-3-3 +1 8PIM 18SH 9 ZPG

This is unexpected. Either Chorney’s playing (well) down the defensive depth-chart for the Barons, or he’s learned how important defence-first hockey is to a defenseman. Either case, I’m excited about his growth this month.

Brandon Davidson (Regina, WHL)

12(15)GP 1-9-10 (1-9-10) -8(-8) 4(11) PIM 4 ZPG

Not a stellar two-way kind of defenseman here, but he’s putting points up at a remarkably consistent rate. He doesn’t have much help in Regina (but there is another impressive young defender I’ll be writing about later) so I’m not overly concerned with the minus-column that’s approaching Chorney-esque levels.

Troy Hesketh (Chicago, USHL)

10(11) GP 0-0-0 (0-0-0) -1(E) 22(24PIM) 2(2)SH 10 ZPG

Didn’t expect offense here, but I’m still concerned that we don’t have...well...any offense to speak of. He’s kind of old to be playing USHL (most American s his age are at NCAA schools by this time), so he should be dominating most aspects of this level. I do like the physical/nasty side I’m seeing in his PIMs. It looks like he’s been put in a shut-down role, which is where he’ll make his living if he makes the show.

Martin Marincin (Prince George, WHL)

14(16)GP 6-11-17 (7-11-18) +9(+9) 10(21)PIM 4 ZPG

This is off-the-charts kind of surprising for me. I thought we had a defensive specialist in Marincin, but it looks like he’s got the all-around defenseman style in mind instead. There is nothing about this month I can complain about from Marincin, other than wishing for another 5 months of the same.

Johan Motin (Oklahoma, AHL)

9GP 0-0-0 E 7PIM 4SH 9 ZPG

He didn’t play in the first three games this year, but hasn’t left the line-up since. He’s probably low on the depth chart (behind Belle, Petiot, Plante, Petry and Chorney is my guess) but he’s not bleeding goals either. Keep him in the line-up and let him continue this slow curve of development.

Jeff Petry (Oklahoma, AHL)

12GP 2-5-7 -8 4PIM 26SH 7 ZPG

When Petry’s feeling the offense, it seems hard to stop him. The same cannot be said about his defensive play. He’s being pimped on the PP (5 points) for big minutes and he’s getting a lot of puck to the net, but I’d wish they told him to focus more on his defensive play, because he’s getting schooled, exactly the same way Chorney did two years ago. You’d think we’d learn, but...sigh...

Alex Plante (Oklahoma, AHL)

12GP 0-2-2 -2 32PIM 8SH 10 ZPG
If Petry’s the pop-gun on the Barons blueline, Plante’s certainly become the hired muscle. He’s taken to his role and embraced it. The way he’s playing (defensive specialist, policeman) will earn him a call-up sometime this year if he continues playing like he did in October.

Tyler Bunz (Medicine Hat, WHL)

6(7) GP .902 (.897)SV% 2.97 (2.99) GAA

Started 6 of the Hat’s 11 games, which isn’t what I would have hoped for this year. He was the undisputed #1 last year and if he’s platooning this year that means he’s taken a step backward in development. I’m no goalie guru, but his numbers look poor. He needs to turn it around.

Bryan Pitton (Oklahoma, AHL)

2GP .890 SV% 3.53GAA

He’s backing-up Martin Gerber, and delivering numbers of a traditional back-up. He won’t be getting a second NHL contract at this rate, and with the anticipated arrival of Jeff Deslauriers in OKC, he may not play another game for the Barons this year.

Olivier Roy (Acadie, QMJHL)

11GP 0.919 SV% 2.48 GAA 1 SO

He’s back between the pipes as the #1 guy (11 of 13 games in October) and delivering numbers befitting of a guy on the radar of Hockey Canada. Solid October here.


Again, any suggestions on how I can make these updates better please let me know.


  1. thanks for this, it is great. Behind the Net tracks penalties drawn, but I do not think you could to this monthly, I think that would involve math.

  2. Despite his label as 3C, it is worth mentioning that Lander has played more minutes than any other Timra forward and has accomplished that as a 19 year old. Very impressive.

  3. Great stuff!!

    If I remember correctly Davidson was a big positive outlier on the Pats last year with his +/-

    Hopefully his downward trend is due to tougher comp and less help than him regressing from last year.

    It will be nice in a few years when Hamilton (6'3), Hartikainen (6'1), Pitlick (6'1), Martindale (6'3), and Vande Velde (6'2") are filling out the roster instead of the smaller guys.

    I'm not a big "coke machine" fan, but watching San Jose and Vancouver play, you long for having big wingers who don't lose too many puck battles.

    Big wingers with skill will be a treat to watch and will compliment 89,4,14, and 91 (although at 6'2 91 isn't small)

    Even most of the D that are "bubbling under" come from the "Tall Tree" (LTism) family.

    Plante (6'3), Marincin (6'4), Petry (6'3) are coming too with Plante and Petry probably getting a real shot at the big club next year.

    Watching an undersized Oiler team since 06/07, it will be a treat to see a team that doesn't have size issues throughout the roster.

  4. Great post. It is very interesting to see how many good prospects are there in this list. And to see how many need some/alot more time in the minors.

  5. minutes played divided into mins/60 would be nice to see, so we can tell how much each it playing.

    great updates.